About this artist

At a very young age she discovered her love for music. She studied singing, music and interpretation. Dedicating himself professionally to it; producing his own songs, constantly training, and even creating a secular pop cumbia band…. But after having traveled that road and gone through different scenarios, he decided to ask himself what his purpose in life really was, and the idea of singing for God began to emerge…

That is how he began recording songs with Jonatan Narvaez.He also shared the stage with Athenas, Veronica Sanfillipo, and other catholic artists.

Today, determined to work completely in music as a space to meet the presence of God, she is ready as a “missionary soul”, wherever He wants to take her.

Through live music, we seek to become aware of our own fragility, of our need to feel complete and to reconcile with God. Of the presence of the Holy Spirit and the joy we need today to live a full life in the Faith ❤

Willing to travel the paths that God has prepared for us, she invites us to share together a pause from our daily life in music, to revive and reanimate our union.