Since before she was born, Colombian singer-songwriter Mara was destined for music. Medellín, Colombia welcomed her surrounded by classical and Latin American music. She remembers how, at four years old, her father sang to her while playing the guitar, and she would take it away with the desire to play it with her own hands.

Those intimate moments were what planted her love for music, and she hasn’t returned the guitar to her dad to this day. In fact, this led her to take violin lessons at seven years old and study music in high school.

With influences from Juan Luis Guerra, Pablo Alborán, Gilberto Daza, and Sister Inés de Jesús, Mara set out to compose music inspired by lived experiences and stories that “come to my ears.” The paisa artist’s musical proposal is pop with a tendency to fuse other genres and lyrics that reflect her joyful heart and sensitive soul.

As she was about to graduate from college as a musician with an emphasis on singing, Mara competed and won a talent contest organized by producer Jonatán Narvaez. This opportunity led her to record several productions that would catapult her into the world of Catholic music. In 2021, Mara released her first single, “Una Rosa para María,” which continues to be her most popular song on platforms. She then released “A Tu Lado Siempre Estoy” that same year.

In 2022, Mara released two more singles, “Madre de Amor,” as a guest with Felipe Reyes, and “Entre Todos Te Ha Escogido.” The singer-songwriter’s collaboration with Narvaez led her to join the Via Cantus record label, announcing an expectant fusion between the Colombian’s characteristic sound and the talented urban duo, Riosquad.

The release provides a deep message, with a pop urban sound motion, describing God and His actions of love that He takes today and every day. Produced by Narvaez and Juan Delgado, the single crosses ideological and denominational differences, presenting itself with avant-garde elements in its production.

Mara continues to bring many people closer to God through her songs and dreams of reaching places where it seems impossible for faith music to have a place to impact its listeners.